Meet the sea

There are already few days that it happens while I do my usual evening shower routine. Water smells like sea. I don’t admit anything alike in the morning. But as I soon as I step into the shower booth after the sundown I feel the salty odour. It smells like a windy sunny day on the seashore. I breathe in and feel on my fingers and lips grains of that sordid beige sand that one used to see on the crowded beach during the high season. Brezee mixes with musty whiff, as if in the blend of sand, roundstones and empty shells I have just found fish skeleton or a bird’s wing covered with seaweeds. I even believe it tastes like brine and when I try it I recognize familiar flavour of the sweet water. What if I can easily slip into never seen before place I know only from my imagination? Reminds me of Milorad Pavich’s character who was transmitted in faraway city when he washed his face.

Who knows what it is. It could be kind of reminder about this year’s missed summer vacation. As well as a year before, as well as two years ago… Maybe, got stucked in ruts I have forgotten something extremely important. Or someone. And now in this ghosty way it reminds me of itself. I huddle my navy blue silk bathrobe I bought at the market of Ko Chang and go to bed, wrap up the blanket and fall asleep wondering if tomorrow I’ll still meet the sea in bathroom.


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