The dream

I got up by the noon with that heavy head I could hardly get myself out of the bed. Through the night I woke up many times because of strange disturbance I have never experienced before. Once I felt like being pushed into my back. Other time I reversed the way my head was on the floor. When I opened my eyes I was straight on the bed though. I drifted off my feverish dreams in a second. Actually, in the morning all my memories vanished, although I thought I would never forget that outlandish journey. All the morning I spent making vain attempts to assemble tissue of the story out of the scraps of patchy memories.

I remember myself siting at the glass desk of a huge glass open-space. Dozens of storeys underneath. Wherever you turn your head you can see only yellow stripe of send and pale blue tissue of the sea, which seamlessly flows into the sky. Loud jangle steps interrupt my sightseeing. Customer in mahogany suit hastily approaches to me. He takes my hand wordlessly and without any ceremonies leads me to the elevator. All the way down he doesn’t breath a world. Then story suddenly interrupts… I feel warm send on my chick. I turn around and notice little girl in faded pink dress playing with sand in few steps from me. At the moments we meet eyes bell ring cuts the noise of the wind mixed with far away murmur of the see. Girl jumps up and disappears in a second leaving only cloud of sand behind… I wander the beach. Though how do I know it is a beach? It much more resembles me desert as I don’t notice any sunbed or parasol, not any single person around. I even wouldn’t be so sure there is any sea if I didn’t hear wave splashes the shore. What if I take a swim? I make my way towards blue rag supposed to be water. But even hundred steps didn’t make me closer, although I can even taste salty flavor of the breeze, there is enormous sandy field ahead. I turn my head because of annoying feelling someone is staring at me.

– Open it at the right moment – he says passing me grey envelope.

– Which moment?.. – I can hardly finish the phrase as I see his figure dissolving in the blue rag I call the sea and can hardly approach a meter.

Sudden blast of the wind kicked up the sand and it covers everything so I can’t even see the end of my stretched into nothingless arm… Pannick attack…

I woke up with my arm squeezing the blanket and I when I opened my fist small handful of send has dropped out of my hand.


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