Линия Апачей

Честно говоря, поначалу я сомневался, что на Оак Поинт Авеню вообще кто-то живет. Бетонные фасады угрожающе сверкают проемами выбитых окон, некоторые завешены пленкой или заколочены досками.


The storyteller

To a traveller called Mert Servant doesn’t hurry to suggest one more drink or a snack or some coffee to a few dumb visitors, left in the bar. He stares vacantly in his phone, paying no attention that music has dropped already a while ago. Through the stillness I can clearly hear vague whisperings and … Continue reading The storyteller

How I met and lost myself. Or Santorini episode

  Street cafe by Sargy Mann This is the first story of #paintastory series. Source of inspiration for each story is painting or photo. I don't try to recreate painter's idea, I just follow my fantasy. Sargy Mann seemed to me the best choice to start. He painted being blind. And I start my writing experiments not … Continue reading How I met and lost myself. Or Santorini episode